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The BBHQ Trivia Contest

What was the name of the Lone Ranger's horse? "These boots are made for..... " what? For what newspaper did Clark Kent work? What the heck was Jerremiah? And why do we remember all that stuff?

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Currently, we are featuring our trivia contests in our no-spam weekly newsletter. Subscribers to our newsletter are eligible to win. Sign up... and you're half way there!

The BBHQ Midlife Crisis Contest

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Meanwhile, our Warmup Quiz is always available.

Every one is a winner in our Warmup Contest -- answer all 10 questions correctly and win access to our "Name That Tune - the 70s Edition" quiz. Click the "Warmup" button below to get in on the action.

Our contest may include a short audio clip in MP3 format. Allow time to download the clips. Before you begin the contest, make certain that your Internet browser is configured to allow software to play MP3 and Adobe Flash files. (By default, most browsers are configured properly; you probably do not need to do anything.)

If you hear the music, you're all set.

You can test your browser/software configuration here. Click the play button:

Our quiz may also include a Flash video file. There is a sample on the right. You may wish to check to ensure that your browser software can play Flash video files. Click the play button to test your browser.

You should see 17 seconds of Disney beauty.

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Now, take either the warmup quiz or, if you are a member, the real thing:

(You must not block popups or cookies at BBHQ for our contest to work properly.)

The Warmup

The BBHQ Trivia Contest

Just one bonus after another: Even if you are not a member, if you get all 10 questions right in our Warmup Contest, we'll give you a one-day pass to play the complete version of our "Name That Tune - The 70s Edition" quiz.

Can't wait to win? Most of these items (and dozens more) are available in the BBHQ Merchandise Mart. Click the pic and take a look:

Three questions from a recent contest:

1. April, 1974: We were apparently really into abbreviations. The number 2 song was TSOP. TSOP is an abbreviation for what?

3. The artists behind TSOP were MFSB. MFSB is an abbreviation for what?

4. We all remember "Father Knows Best." They lived at 607 South Maple Street. We have no idea what state it was in, but we do know the city. What was it?

If you can answer these.... you're a contender for our next contest.

Here's How it Works:

1. The BBHQ Trivia Contest is available to all active members at BBHQ.
If you are not currently a member, click here to sign up. (Basic membership is only $9 per year.) Though, everyone can participate in our Warm-Up contest.

2. However, sometimes we feature our contest in our free, weekly, no-spam newsletter. When we do so, subscribers to our free, weekly newsletter are eligible to win.

3. Our contest features trivia primarily from music, TV and radio, movies, current social and political events, fads and fashions of the late 50s, 60s, and early 70s.

4. You may need speakers and a sound card to participate. Make certain you your computer can play Flash video files before you begin the contest.

5. Usually, each contest consists of 10 questions. Contestants answer the questions online and submit answers using our entry form.

6. Once the quiz begins, do not click the refresh (or reload) button on your browser. That will disqualify you.

7. The first contestant to answer all 10 questions correctly wins the contest.

8. We will confirm your entry after you submit it, but we will not be able to tell you your score or if you are the winner. We'll inform all participants who complete the contest via e-mail, probably by Friday.

9. You either know it or you don't. There is often a time limit. If you do not click the "Grade Me" button within the specified time, you will be disqualified.

10. You can enter the contest only once. Once you begin the contest, you're in. That's your only shot.

The Fine Print:

You gotta' read the instructions. You don't follow the instructions, you may miss the boat. Not our fault.

We have tested our contest on recent versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome running on PCs and laptops. We have no idea if it will work on smartphones or with WebTV or other oddball browsers. If it does not work for you.... sorry, we probably can't help you.

Void where prohibited, taxed, regulated, restricted, disallowed, frowned-upon, or otherwise limited. Militant Islamists will be disqualified.

Decision of the judges is final.

We pay the postage to get the prize to you in the U.S. We may require you to pay postage outside of the U.S. Taxes? Whoa, that's your bag, entirely!

We are not responsible for hardware, software, network, or other technical problems; phone line or DSL failures; cable interruptions; hurricanes, termites or no-seeums; a yada-yada-yada.

We may suspend the contest at any time; we'll give you plenty of notice ahead of time. But we gotta' do what we gotta' do.

You snooze; you lose.

Improving Your Odds

The odds are in your favor. But still, how do you improve your chances of winning? Well, for starters, become a member. Sometimes, ya' gotta' be a member. If you are not already, join here.

Next, sign up for our free no-spam, Weekly Newsletter. We'll offer hints for the contest that begins the same day. And sometimes, the quiz is available only to subscribers:

No spam; no charge; just 60 seconds of good, clean fun.

Read our "This Week with the Chicowitz" essay before entering the contest. It often contains a clue to one or more questions.

Finally, play around. Questions in our contest often come from our trivia library and our numerous trivia quizzes. The more you know.... the more you know.

BBHQ member and contest winner Chuck writes: "Wow, this is great! I am having so much fun playing the contests!"

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