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  A different trivia question every second    A different trivia question every second
  A different trivia question every second

The BBHQ Site Tour

BBHQ has become so big that some people have visited it many times and still missed several features of our site. This page contains an overview of every section of BBHQ, and provides a link (a way to get) to each one. But first, I think we should start with a few "rules of the road." If you're an experienced web surfer though, you can click here to skip the next section.

Rules of the Road

BBHQ follows most of the navigational "standards" employed by nearly all sites on the web. Perhaps the most significant one is the link or "hot spot." You can click on words that are underlined and highlighted like this (and sometimes pictures) to "jump" to another area of our site. We identify where each link will take you. For instance, click here to "jump" to the BBHQ library. (BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO CLICK THE "BACK" BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER TO GET BACK HERE.) Many pages have a menu on the left side of the page with links in it. The first item on the menu always takes you back to the Home Page.

Once you jump to another page on the site, in most cases there are at least two ways to get back to where you came from. One way is to click the "Back" button on your browser. The other way is to use the blue navigation bar at the top and bottom of most pages. The navigation bar consists of about 20 buttons. Each button is linked to a different page at BBHQ. Click the button to go to the corresponding page. The top and bottom of most pages include the navigation bar.

But there are more than 20 pages to BBHQ; there are billions and billions of them. Well, maybe not; but there are a lot. The menu on the Home Page lists all the main areas of BBHQ. You can get to just about any section by using the links on that menu. The BBHQ Main Menu lists almost every page at BBHQ. Click the "Menu" button to access the Main Menu.

You can also get to most pages at BBHQ by using the drop down list that appears on the bottom line of the navigation bar. Click the down-arrow button on the right to display a list of dozens of features at BBHQ:

Use the scroll bar on the right side to display all of the features; highlight the one you want; then click the GO! button to go there.

Sometimes the links play a short selection of music. Such hot spots do not take you to another page; they just activate some music which, if you have a sound card and speakers, you should be able to hear.

In several places on our site, we ask you for your name and e-mail address. We do so only to identify you and to be able to reply to messages you send to us. BBHQ will never provide your name, e-mail address, or other data to anyone else. Never! We are not a commercial organization trying to get information about you. We're just a few boomers trying to have some fun and provide some entertainment and information. For more information on this topic, see our "Statement on Privacy."

We try to make our site fully accessible to you no matter where you are or what type of computer you are using. But we do use a few tools that work only if you have a recent vesion of one of the popular Internet browser. For many features to work, you must have JavaScript enabled on your browser. And for a few features, you must accept cookies. (For information on this techie stuff, see our "Internet Primer.") Some people have also reported troubles with some features when using older Web-TV browsers. If you have a problem using Web-TV at BBHQ, please let us know, and we'll try to find a way around it.

The BBHQ Home Page

The BBHQ Home Page is the first thing you see when you come to BBHQ. It includes links to other pages via the main menu and other links on the page.

BBHQ Member Services

Membership at BBHQ includes special features that are not available to other visitors. Trivia members have access to our complete trivia library, including "Name that Tune," "The BBHQ Movie Quiz," "What's in a Number? -- The Boomers R&R Edition".... and a whole bunch others. As a Basic member, you have unlimited access to our Lyrics Section. You can search over 3,900 songs by title and/or artist, and perform a word search on the lyrics to over 750 songs. Membership at BBHQ also includes many other special features. The status button that appears at the top of this page (and many other pages at BBHQ) shows your member status. As a "Newbie," you have access to most features at BBHQ; but some of the best are beyond your reach. Becoming at member at BBHQ also helps us grow and expand. Please... please... become a member!

Weekly & Monthly Specials

We have updates to three sections of BBHQ every Monday. First, Our Joke of the Week, Plus! newletter is sometimes a joke, sometimes a funny story, and sometimes just an amusing or interesting quote worth re-quoting - and sometimes all three. We hope it will always get a laugh. When you load the Joke of the Week page, you will have a chance to subscribe to the Joke of the Week; you can have a copy delivered to you via e-mail every Monday.

The lyrics to the songs of our youth are so special; we feature some of the lyrics to a different song every week in our "Lyrics You Can Share" section of our Music Room. Yep; these are lyrics you can share with your kids to let them know what real n' roll rock music should be.

And third, you can get a piece of Hershel's mind every Monday in TWTC: This Week with The Chicowitz. Hershel M. Chicowitz is the host and Boomer-In-Charge here at BBHQ. He has a lot of opinions about what is and what should be important to boomers.

Every month we change our recommended "Boomer Book of the Month" in the BBHQ Library. "The Year and the Month" is part of our Music Room. Each month we remember the music and the events of a specific month during the late fifties, sixties, or early seventies. And from our Music Room, you can also access the Music by the Month Archives.

The BBHQ Album of the Month highlights a classic music album from the boomer years. The Album of the Month is identified on our Home Page, the front page of the Music Room, and the bottom of many other pages at BBHQ.

At the Heart of it All: Boomer Trivia

The cornerstone of BBHQ is the Official Baby Boomer Qualifying Exams. There are three of them, each containing 30 questions. You can take each one online; your answers will be sent to us automatically. A day or two afterwards, we'll send you a report card telling you how you did, and we'll provide you with a link to the answers (and related commentary). Don't worry; it's all for fun. Nothing here will go on your "permanent record." (And I am sure I can hear a collective sigh of relief over that one.)

The BBHQ Trivia Library contains several "books" of boomer trivia. One question at a time, you can give us your answer, and we'll tell you, right on the spot, if you got it right, and what the right answer is. Of course, we welcome your additions to our trivia library. This is a blast!

Who Said That? reminds you of some of the funny and entertaining lines from the sixties. This is all for fun; you won't find these in "Bartlett's Quotations."

"The Sixties Quiz",
"The Seventies Quiz",
"What's in a Number?",
"What's in a Number? The Boomers R&R Edition",
"Name That Tune",
"Name That Tune - the 70s Edition", and
"The Name Game"
will also test your mind.

The BBHQ Boomer Movie Quiz will let you see how much you remember about the movies of our youth.

Click the BBHQ Insta-Trivia button, which appears at the top of many pages at BBHQ, to open up a small window and reveal a boomer trivia question. Answer one, or one hundred.

What's a Boomer, Anyhow?

We get a lot of requests asking us to define what boomers are, and to differentiate them from the Gen X-er's. Our "What's a Boomer" page provides a simple, straight-forward definition. We provide basic population numbers on our Boomer Numbers page. Then we try to compare and contrast the kids of today in The Boomers, the Gen-X'ers, and Beyond.

At our Visitor Profile, you can view some demographic data about the boomer generation. Please help by telling us about yourself, too.

The Sixties Section

We get a lot of requests from high school and college students asking us what was so special about the sixties, We are all, in part, a product of our experiences. The BBHQ Sixties Section contains several references which we hope will make the sixties seem more real. Our Sixties Quiz asks you to identify which events happened in the sixties. The follow-up essay lists some major events of the sixties, in chronological order, and compares them to those of the nineties. The magnitude of the sixties is thus immediately apparent. If you're looking for a little more detail, "The Boomer Years" lists events for a specific year (from 1955 through 1975). For you boomers, this is another fond dose of nostalgia. For the rest of you, it is an essential education.

"When I was a Kid" is a collection of short, verbal pictures of interesting items from... when I was a kid. We also welcome your input in this section.

Remember bell bottoms and headbands... platform shoes and penny-loafers? Our Fashions in the 60s and 70s page describes the silly stuff we wore to tell the world who we were. (We were pretty nutty!)

We are the first generation to be raised in front of the television set; but it was a whole lot different back then! BBHQ Boomer Prime-Time TV has pictures, descriptions, and the theme music from the TV shows that we watched.

The Seventies Section

The 60s set the stage for the craziness of the 70s. Our Seventies Section tries to capture some of it. The Seventies Quiz tests your knowledge of what happened in the 70s. Our Seventies Summary offers a narrative of what the seventies was all about.

The BBHQ Library

We got tired of the New York Times Bestseller List telling me what the whole world is supposedly reading. We are interested in what boomers are reading. So we started the BBHQ Library, which lists books that boomers recommend. We offer a short summary or critique, comments by readers, and short excerpts from books. Currently, there are about 150 books in the library. And as if that weren't enough, we give you a chance to purchase these books at a great price. Yes, this is where we are trying to sell you something. But the price is about 15-30% less than what the major bookstores offer. So when you think of buying a book, please buy it at BBHQ. "Please... pretty-please with sugar on it."

The BBHQ Online Registry

One of the ways we are trying to reach out to baby boomers is by providing an online registry of boomers around the world. The first time you come to BBHQ, we'd like you to sign in. And if you'd like to be included in our online registry, you can enter up to three schools that you called home. We'll list you by school name for the whole world to see. (You may include your e-mail address in the listing; but you do not have to do so. We give you a chance to exclude your e-mail address from the registry.)

The Music Room

The Music Room puts you in touch with one of the major features that defines the boomers. You can vote for your favorite songs that make up our exclusive Online Boomer Top 100. We also have an Oldies Vault containing the names of 2,300 hits from the late 50s, 60s, and early 70s. We have the lyrics for hundreds of your favorite songs, and a few samples of the music itself. You can also "Ask the DJ" about songs and artists, and tell us about your favorite DJ's or lyrics.

"The Year and the Month" reviews the events and music of a specific month during the boomer years. "Music Buy the Album" lists the tracks of dozens of real rock n' roll albums. And yes, you can buy some of your favorite albums, too. In fact, whenever you buy an CD, please do so from BBHQ. And "Music by the Track" allows you to search our CD collection and the Oldies vault for a specific song.

The Peanut Gallery in the 21st Century

Doodyville's Peanut Gallery is alive and well here at BBHQ. We encourage you to post anything that's on your mind that might be of interest to us boomers. And of course, you can view comments by other cyber-members of the Peanut Gallery. You can add a comment to the peanut gallery on our Home Page and from our Doodyville Peanut Gallery Bulletin Board.

BBHQ Reunion Services

One of our other goals at BBHQ is to serve as a focal point for high school and college reunions. We'll post a notice of your upcoming reunion on our site. We can also provide numerous other services to help you plan and coordinate your reunion. We can even create a web page on our site for your reunion. Click here for more information on BBHQ Reunion Services.

If you are a graduate of Shaker Heights High School, we've got tons of stories, pictures, and other memories. (Even if you are not, this will bring back the flavor of high school.)

Baby Boomer Thoughts

Here at BBHQ, we've done a lot of thinking about being a baby boomer. And occasionally, we've put our thoughts down on "paper." In addition to This Week with the Chicowitz, - which changes every week - we have dozens of short essays on topics related to being a baby boomer. You'll find them here and listed at the bottom of this page. We think you'll get a kick out of them.

The space race was one of the defining issues of the sixties. We remember it as a boomer on our "To the Moon!" page.

Another issue that shaped many of us was the Vietnam War. Vietnam - From a Distance provides a summary and tries to put the events in perspective.

We do get a little political, too. If you haven't the stomach for it, please ignore this section. But we have some thoughts on the first boomer president, and responses from a few visitors who have dared to reply.

For those of you who have a hunger for involvement in political and social issues.... and we hope that includes most of you, we offer "The BBHQ Political Roundtable," a platform designed to encourage visitors to share ideas, facts and opinions on political and social issues that affect all of us.

Other BBHQ References

You can see who is behind the scenes at BBHQ by visiting our Family Page. We have pictures and descriptions of the entire Boomer Crew. We also identify who we are and tell you how to reach us via e-mail, voice telephone, and ground mail. We change the content of our site nearly every day; we have new offerings every week. Our Home Page keeps you informed; but it doesn't tell you everything.

We have compiled a list of "Good Times, Great Oldies" radio stations around the country and the world. You might want to refer to this list before you head out on your next vacation.

The Great American Civics Quiz is not a trivia exam. It is a gentle and fun test of the basics of our society. This one is for boomers, our parents, and our kids. This one is a must!

If you are curious about the design and construction of our site, you can visit our "What Makes Us Tick" page.

And if you want to see what Internet-related services BBHQ can provide for you, check this out.

BBHQ is a terrific educational resource. Our Teachers' Guide identifies specific pages at BBHQ that will help students understand and appreciate the world in which we grew up.

We have had the pleasure of meeting a few noted personalities in our travels. And we have the pictures to prove it in "My Brush With Greatness."

Our version of "Oldies But Goodies" is the BBHQ Archives, where we keep past issues of the Joke of the Week, Plus!; This Week with the Chicowitz; and other features at BBHQ.

If you're a true computer or Internet novice, we have a small Internet Primer that explains the bare-bones basics about the Internet. The primer also discusses e-mail addresses and gives you some tips on what to do if something goes wrong while you're wandering around BBHQ.

Lots of visitors have asked about the origin of the boomers' peace sign. We did some searching, and managed to come up with an explanation that sounds reasonable.

Some of the best things on earth are on the Web... and nowhere else. Our On the Web page exposes you some of those treasures.

Dozens of sites on the Internet have included a link to BBHQ. We appreciate that. You may, with our blessing and encouragement, add a link from your web site to WWW.BBHQ.COM. You may use either of these graphic images as part of your link:



The HTML code to link to BBHQ is as follows:

<a href=""><img src="folder/bbhqlink.gif"
    border=0 alt=" Baby Boomer HeadQuarters "></a>
(In this case, "bbhqlink.gif" is the name of the graphic image you copied.)

Or, you can create a link without using a graphic image:

<a href="">
    Baby Boomer HeadQuarters</a>
However, unless otherwise noted, all written material here is copyrighted by Baby Boomer HeadQuarters (BBHQ), and may not be reproduced in any form without our written permission; but we're flattered by your interest, and usually generous in our offerings.

You may not copy any page at BBHQ and post it on your site. You may not copy any of our exams or trivia quizzes and send them around the Internet via e-mail.

We reply to every message you send to us. It may take us a few days, but eventually we get to all of them. If you do not hear back from us within a few days, it's probably because you entered an invalid e-mail address.

Getting Serious

Most of BBHQ is pure, boomer-oriented fun. But when it comes to the parenting of our children, things get serious. In response to two This Week essays, we started The BBHQ Boomer Parenting Forum. Our forum is meant to foster an exchange of ideas and information about the most important thing we will ever do: raise our children.

More Fun Than a Boomer Should Be Allowed to Have

The BBHQ Joke of the Week, Plus! gives you something to smile and think about every week. Most of the essays on the site (and about half of the This Week with the Chicowitz essays) are purely for fun.

Remember Woodstock? Today 50 million boomers claim they were there. In fact, there were only 450,000... but it was still something else! BBHQ tells the story on our "Woodstock Remembered" page.

Talk to Us

There is a button on most every page at BBHQ. Click this button so send us a message any time you are wandering around BBHQ. After you have wandered for a while, please complete our BBHQ Visitor Survey. We get lots of favorable comments about BBHQ; but we want to know specifically what's good, what's not, and how we can improve. You can also send us an "Insta-Comment" using the form at the bottom of many pages at BBHQ (including this one). You do not need to include your e-mail address, unless you want a response.

An Unabashed Plea

We're not a big corporation; we're just a few boomers sitting around trying to share our memories. We run off a shoestring budget; but even shoestrings cost money. If you enjoy our site, please visit our link to, which allows you to buy books, CD's, videos, and other stuff at a great price. It doesn't cost you a thing more, and we get a teeny, weany commission out of it. Amazon is the leading retailer on the Internet. Their service is great, and dealing with them is about as safe as you can get.

Reaching the Boomers

By sponsoring a page or section at BBHQ, you can reach the most affluent demographic on the world. Our Rate Card page offers suggestions on how we can help you promote your product or service. But we are very flexible and eager to help you.

That rounds out the tour of BBHQ for now. But we're always growing. We have huge plans for the future, and we'll be making significant changes every few weeks. So, after you have visited the entire site, keep your eyes on the Home Page, or stop back here for another tour. Remember; if you know that Paul McCartney was in another band before Wings, then we have a place for you here at BBHQ!

Got a comment or question? Talk to us. Include your e-mail address if you want a response.
(Your message will not get to our editorial staff unless you include your name and e-mail address.)

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