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BBHQ: Guide for Teachers

BBHQ is primarily entertainment for us boomers. But it also serves as a rich educational tool for students. We can assure teachers that:

BBHQ is a G-rated site. Except when we have to talk about the peccadilloes of our former president, we always take the high road. Everything that goes up on our site must pass "the mother test." If it would have embarrassed or offended my mother, it does not make it to BBHQ. Material at BBHQ is suitable and appropriate for all kids over the age of ten. We are serious about our site and its content, but our writing style is informal. We have a good sense of humor (although we acknowledge that some kids do not understand our attempts at amusement).

Even though, as kids, some of us did many questionable things to a disturbing excess, BBHQ does nothing to glorify or promote our weaknesses. As far as we are concerned, there is nothing positive related to the use of illegal drugs or tobacco. That message comes out loud and clear at BBHQ.

We focus on honesty and truth; we do not peddle rumors or conspiracy theories. Although our material must pass "the mother test," we do not have a "politically correct" test. We believe we are polite and honest, but we do not bend over backwards to placate any political or social faction.

We're very good at spelling, grammar and punctuation. Although an occasional typo slips through, you can point to BBHQ as an example of clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing... most of the time. Challenge your students to find a grammatical or spelling error anywhere on our site... we're close to perfect. Ask them to point out and inform us of typos. We admit, we have room for improvement in this area. We pay a $20 reward for every typo that a visitor finds on our site.

    No we don't! What... do you think we're nuts?

Although we keep it clean, we do not avoid controversy. There were and are many complicated issues in our society. We are eager to deal with them; and yes, we do have our own view. We do not claim we have all the right answers, but we back up our opinions and conclusions with fact and logic. We encourage you and your students to join in the debate.

We answer e-mail. When you or your students write to us, we will respond.

Having set the tone, here are some recommendations of specific pages at BBHQ which we hope will be useful to you and your students:

Point your students to - our Home Page. Encourage them to wander around. We're always open. The center of the BBHQ universe is our Home Page. It has links to all sections of our site. You and your students can also use our blue navigation bar, which appears at the top and bottom of nearly every page at BBHQ. One of the items on our navigation bar is a link to our Menu Page. Our Menu Page lists and has a link to nearly every page on our site.

(You can click the underlined links below to preview each of our recommendations. Then use your browser's BACK button to come back here.)

Then and Now is a good place to start. This page presents the "big picture" of life in the 60s versus today by offering a sharp contrast of social values and customs - then and now.

Our Sixties Summary page,, provides a short description of the major events of the sixties. This is the most frequently viewed page our site.

The Sixties Quiz,, asks you to identify what happened in the sixties. (Better yet, perhaps... after you have covered the sixties in your class, use our Sixties Quiz to test your students. Then send them to BBHQ for more information.)

Our Seventies Summary page,, offers an overview of the seventies.

The Seventies Quiz,, asks you to identify what happened in the seventies. (Same here... use our Seventies Quiz to test your students. Then send them to BBHQ for more information.)

The Boomer Years,, has a link to a page for each of the years when boomers were kids, 1956-1975. These pages list the major events of the year. We don't get into details there, but we try to make it interesting.

Defining the boomers: Our What's a Boomer page, briefly defines the boomer generation.

The Boomer Stats page, has some population statistics on our generation.

We are extremely proud of The BBHQ Great American Civics Quiz, Although this quiz does not relate specifically to boomers, we think EVERY American should know what we ask, educate, and explain.

The The BBHQ Great American Quotations Quiz, asks participants to identify authors of famous quotations. Number 26: "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds..." We draw from leaders, literature, the arts, and culture. Our goal is to help define America's values by the words of its leaders. This is a lot of fun!

When I Was a Kid..., captures the flavor of growing up in the fifties, sixties and seventies with short stories and memories provided by our visitors.

Remember Woodstock - Neither do we. We were not there. But we have a fairly sanitized yet accurate story of what happened there.

But we do remember the first moon landing: Like most Americans, we were glued to our television set. This page is not a scientific explanation of the moon landing - we do know our limits. But it describes what the space race was like for those of us coming of age in the sixties. What a thrill!

Vietnam - From a Distance: is our attempt to put the war that defined our generation into perspective. We believe that we deal with this topic in a manner in which your students can easily relate.

Prices: What Things Cost: lists the prices for a variety of consumer items in 1962, 1972, and 2003. The page also includes a short analysis of the data.

The Death of a Friend,, describes how painful it is to lose a classmate and friend who thought that smoking was cool.

The Boomer Essays: has links to several of our favorite essays. These are educational, inspirational, and sometimes just down-right silly.

Are you looking for a simple explanation of how the Internet works for your students... or yourself? Our Internet Primer: explains the unexplainable.

Brush Up Your Webster: We have been trying to teach correct spelling, grammar, and word usage for.... more years than we wish to admit. The best way to prevent errors is to teach 'em when they're young. So, you can do us a great favor by sending your students to our Brush Up Your Webster page, And yes, there might be something there for you, too. has links to several of our favorite essays. These are educational, inspirational, and sometimes just down-right silly.

If you or your students are trying to learn how to develop Internet web pages, take a look at our Technical Documentation page: It's a good start.

A word of caution: The Boomers, The Gen-X'ers and Beyond,, is meant to serve as a lesson for us - us adults. Our attempt is to explain how we have dropped the ball. Most people under the age of 30 see it as a criticism of them. Some take it very personally. This page may anger your students. Still... if you are looking to provoke them... this should do it. If you send your students to our Boomer/Gen-X & Beyond page, after they have expressed their outrage, ask them what they think the author's point was. If they believe he was trashing the younger generations, ask them why he would want to do that. Ask them who the author's intended audience for the essay is. Ask them to comment on the responses by other visitors that are included in the essay.

We know that teaching... and teaching well... is tough. We have great respect and admiration for those of you who are helping to shape and educate the minds of our kids. Above all, we want to say, "Thank You!" You are engaged in the most noble of professions!

We hope that BBHQ makes your task less difficult and more enjoyable.

Got some ideas? If you thoughts on how we can make BBHQ a better educational tool for your students, please let us know. We are constantly working to improve BBHQ for both us and our kids. We're having a blast with this site. We want to share the fun and excitement!

"Fair use" of our material: We wrote and hold the copyright on most everything on our site. You may use certain material on our site for non-profit, educational purposes in your classroom, but only with our prior permission. We are usually very generous, but please ask us. You may, with our encouragement, provide links to our site from your site. But you may not post ANY of our material directly on any Internet or Intranet site.

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