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The BBHQ Contest – January, 2015

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Below is an excerpt of a screen test for a proposed bio-pic movie. This version never made it to the silver screen, though the movie was eventually made. Every boomer (and our parents) would recognize both the actor and the character being portrayed.

The actor is way out of place here. We never saw him/her in a costume like this. But there is something about his/her lips and eyes that gives it away. And perhaps the voice, too.

The Contest:

Name the actor and the character being portrayed.

The Prize:

The prize.... was... a copy of our e-book on midlife crisis to the first two newsletter subscribers who nailed it.

But, sign up and stick with us. We’ll announce a new contest in our newsletter soon.

Opps... this contest is officially over. That means we have reached our quota of winners. But.... whatdda’ you have to lose? Come on; play along.

OK... what is the name (first and last) of the character being portrayed?

And the name (first and last) of the actor.

We need your name and e-mail address, too.

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We'll send you an e-mail message after we manually grade your answers and check for hanging chads.

[Void where deflated, snowed-in, prohibited, taxed, banned, quarantined, censored, legislated, mandated, regulated, vegetated, inundated or otherwise arbitrarily or unfairly restricted. One winner per boomer. Decision of the judges is final. You snooze; you lose. No animals were injured in the production of this contest. Forward. Yes we can. Inka dinka doo.]

[I am a non-attorney spokesman, not a lawyer.]