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The BBHQ 70s Quiz

The 70s was a heck of a decade. Some things happened that never happened; and some didn't... that did.

We're here to clear the record.

For each question below, click if you think the event occurred in the 70s, if you think it occurred before or after the 70s, and if you think we made the whole thing up. When you're done, we'll tally the whole thing

1. Man walked on the moon for the first time.

2. "All in the Family" debuted on television.  

3. The astronauts of Apollo 13 had to abort their mission when an oxygen tank exploded.

4. The Russians landed a man on the moon.

5. Puerto Rico became a state.

6. Richard Nixon was forced to resign from the presidency.

7. An oil shortage caused motorists in the U.S. to have to wait in line... sometimes for hours, to fill up their tank.

8. The Supreme court ruled, in the famous Miranda ruling, that a suspect must be informed of his rights before he can be questioned.

9. Elvis died.

10. An accident at a nuclear plant in Pennsylvania generated fears of a "nuclear meltdown."

11. President Kennedy was assassinated.

12. President Nixon imposed wage and price controls in an attempt to hold down inflation.

13. The U.S. gave up in the war in Vietnam.

14. Nearly half a million boomers partied at an event called Woodstock.

15. The Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal.

16. The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18.

17. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

18. The U.S. military draft came to an end.

19. Charismatic cult leader Jim Jones led hundreds of followers to Central America, and then convinced them to commit suicide.

20. The Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment laws on the books were unconstitutional. Hundreds of convicted murderers thus automatically had their death sentences nullified.

21. Feminist Gloria Steinem ran for president.

22. A U.S. vice-president was forced to resign amid charges of bribery.

23. Ronald Reagan was elected president.

24. The disco was "in."

25. The disco was "out."


(I know this stuff is fun. But no, you may not copy it and post it on your site, or send it to any other other site. This quiz is copyrighted; it is not in the public domain! Please tell your friends about WWW.BBHQ.COM.)

26. Nelson Rockefeller became Vice-President.

27. The FCC was flooded with requests for CB licenses as hundreds of thousands of motorists jumped on the CB (Citizen's Band) radio bandwagon. "Breaker, breaker 19 - we got a convoy here."  

28. The personal computer was born.

29. "Saturday Night Live" premiered on NBC television.

30. Cell phones became popular.

31. Bill Gates dropped out of college and formed the Microsoft Corporation.

32. Eight-track tape players were "in."

33. Eight-track tape players were "out."

34. Gov. George Wallace was assassinated while running for president.

35. The Surgeon General announced for the first time that smoking was a health hazzard.

36. Commercials for cigarettes were banned from television and radio.

37. President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed in connection with the Watergate scandal.

38. The Beatles went their separate ways.

39. The Ed Sullivan Show went off the air. Guests on the last show included Gladys Knight and the Pips.

40. John Lennon was assassinated.

41. Jane Fonda visited North Vietnam, thus serving as a propaganda tool of the North Vietnamese.

42. The first Super Bowl was played.

43. "M*A*S*H" premiers as a series on television.

44. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson team up to record "Ebony and Ivory."

45. Two women tried but failed... to shoot the president.

46. Muhammad Ali retained his heavyweight title by defeating Smokin' Joe Frazier in the "Thrilla' in Manila."

47. The Miller Brewing Company introduced the world to Lite beer.


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