Are You Mobile?

As best as we can tell you are not currently using a mobile device.

The “world“ of the Internet is still in its infancy regarding mobile devices. For the sake of simplicity, we can divide “devices” into 2 categories: desktop and/or laptop computers (PC and Apple, basically), and mobile devices, which include smartphones and tablets.

Developers have been creating web pages for desktop computers for 20 years. But mobile devices present a new and complex challenge for developers (and frankly, for most of us). Still, mobile devices are here to stay.

Each mobile device (iPhone, Samsung, Kindle... tablets of all kinds) works a bit differently. So... a specific web page will not necessarily look the same on a desktop/tablet as it does on a mobile device. (And a web page may look different on different mobile devices. Yeah; it’s a jungle out there.)

Some web developers create parallel web sites under (seemingly) the same name or URL: one web site configured for desktop computers, and another one for mobile devices. (That’s a lot of work... a lot!) Other web developers go to considerable lengths to “tweak” (that’s “tweak,” not “twerk”) certain web pages to adapt to either a desktop or a mobile device.

At BBHQ, we lean toward the second approach. The vast majority of our visitors get to BBHQ via a desktop/laptop device. We have made changes to certain features and pages to make them work satisfactorily on most mobile devices.

Most pages at BBHQ will look and work OK on either a desktop or mobile device. But certain features may work awkwardly on mobile devices. As the mobile device world stabilizes, we’ll work to make BBHQ operate as smoothly as we can, given the unstable, unpredictable environment.

Here’s the important part: if you are using a mobile device, and some page does not work right, please let us know. (Use the “contact us” link that appears near the top of most pages at BBHQ.) Tell us as much as you can about what does not work right; we’ll tinker more to see if we can fix it.

Thanks... and stick around. The best is yet to come!

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