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This is the high school and college reunion town hall. If you have a reunion coming up, please contact us. You can use the BBHQ as a central point for planning your reunion. You can post questions and notes about your class on the BBHQ Reunion Bulletin Board. If you participate in our reunion program, we will set up a separate page on our site for your high school or college and maintain addresses of you and your classmates. If you can get a sponsor, we'll do it for free.

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BBHQ Reunion Central
What We Can Do for You!

We love high school and college reunions, and we'd like to help make sure yours is a success. Here's what we can do for you:

1. We'll put a short reference to your reunion on our home page, linking to a detailed message on our reunion bulletin board.

2. If you can provide us with a list of e-mail addresses for your classmates, we'll send them each a personal invitation to BBHQ. (No, this is not a spam scam; we're not in the business of collecting e-mail addresses. We will never provide e-mail addresses to anyone else.) At the reunion, be sure to obtain an e-mail address for everyone who has one. And let the others know that when they do get one, BBHQ is the place to register. The BBHQ Registry lists thousands of boomers from all over the world.

And we'll do that for no charge. Click here to get the ball rolling.

3. For a very small fee (starting at $25), we'll set up a web page for your school containing details about your reunion. Your classmates will be able to access this customized page directly by pointing their browser to "" Or, we can put a link to it on our reunion bulletin board. From your web page your classmates will be able to send e-mail messages to you (or your reunion coordinator) and post messages directly to the web page. We can put pictures, reunion plans, reservation details, maps, and other information on this page. Click here to see a sample web page customized for a high school.

4. After the reunion, if you have some pictures and stories from your reunion, we'll add those to your page. (You can scan and e-mail us some pictures, or mail them to us at P.O. Box 11611 Tampa, FL 33680; we'll scan them and then mail them back to you.) Even those who did ont attend can share the memories.

5. If you have or can get a list of addresses (regular and/or e-mail) for your classmates, we'll take care of sending invitations to your next reunion; we'll handle reservations returned to us by e-mail and forward them to you; we'll let your classmates post messages to your page on our site - before and after the reunion. We estimate it will cost about $300 to handle the mail and reservations and maintain a web page on our site from one reunion to the next. If you can get a sponsor, such as a local hotel or restaurant to work with you, you can have them pick up the tab. We'll post an ad or graphic here at BBHQ for them, or even offer a link to their Internet site or work with them to take reservations. Also, if you can get your high school alumni association involved, we can prepare a site for several classes and thus spread the cost around.

6. We had T-shirts made with our high school logo on them, and passed them out as people registered at the reunion. I'm proud of mine. A nice T-shirt would cost about $10 a piece (depending, of course, on a lot of factors). We can have them prepared for you at a competitive price.

7. A "reunion book" - names, addresses and notes from your classmates - is a must! It's a hassle to put it together yourself if you want it to look nice, especially when you have a life outside of your high school memories. You can make it less so by having a "fill in the blanks form" for everyone to complete. If you send this form out with the notices, you may get back responses from people who may not be able to attend the reunion. Make sure you ask for an e-mail address from each classmate. E-mail is the way to keep in touch! You need two or three mailings about your reunion, starting about 6 months ahead of time. (For most of us, one notice is just not enough.) We can help there, too. Give us a list and we'll prepare a form and send out notices as you desire. We can post a list of those who have (and have not) responded on your reunion page on our site. And we can prepare and print a nice reunion book for you, too. The cost of that will, of course, depend on the number of people on your list. But we can prepare professional-looking notices and put together and print a sharp reunion book for you for a very reasonable price. We'd need about three weeks to put together a book after we have all the information from you.

We'd like to have you and your classmates join us here at BBHQ. Click here to tell us about your reunion.


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BBHQ Reunion Information

All we need is a little information about you and your reunion. (Asterisk * indicates required data.)

First, we need your name: *

And your e-mail address: *

Yes, I'd like information about my reunion posted to the BBHQ Reunion Bulletin Board.

Yes, I have (or can get) e-mail addresses of my classmates; I'll send them to you later.

Yes, I'd like a web page at BBHQ for my reunion. (If you click here, we'll send you complete information. We can have a page set up for you within 24 hours.)

Now, to the nitty gritty:

The name of your school:

In what city is it located:

And what state (or country, if not the US): *

This is for the class of ... (what year?): *

Date of your upcoming reunion:

Location of your upcoming reunion:

Who should members of the class contact? (Remember to use a maiden name or that silly nickname they used in school.):

Address/phone for this contact:

E-mail address for this contact:

What else should your classmates know:


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