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The BBHQ Oldies Vault

The BBHQ Oldies Vault contains the name, artist, and year of over 4,000 hits from 1956 through 1975. (That's about 200 songs for each year.)

If you're looking for a list of the top songs for a specific year, click here to go to "The Year in Music."

You can search the BBHQ Oldies Vault by song title or artist.

Search the vault by:        

Title:   Exact title Exact start of title Exact portion of title    

Artist:   Individual Group    

To search by artist, enter the singer's last name or exact name of the group or the exact start of the group's name. For example, Presley or Pres or Beatles - capitalization is not important; spelling is. If you enter Diamond, you'll get songs by Neil Diamond and the Diamonds. But if you enter Diamond, Neil, you'll get only songs by Neil Diamond. Click the "help" button for examples.

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