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212 Name That Tune: The 70s (Junior Varsity) Edition

This edition of BBHQ's Name that Tune is especially for the younger boomers; it includes only well-known songs from the 70s.

The current Junior Varsity Champ is Hope . with 73 points.

Since you are not a member here at BBHQ, we can show you only a couple of the questions. Once you become a member, you will have access to all of the trivia quizzes at BBHQ.

This quiz consists of 30 questions, worth a maximum of 3 points each. So, you're shooting for a score of 90 points.

You can take this quiz one question at a time; answer as many as you like. When you are done, click the "How'd I Do?" button near the bottom to summarize your score and compare your score to others.

The artists in this quiz may include the following:

... or not.

Here's How it Works:

The text clue gives you a hint about the artist or the song title. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to play a small part of a song. You have three options; you can name that tune in perhaps 1, 3, or 5 notes (or chords or beats).

Enter the song title (not the artist), then click the "Grade Me" button. We'll grade your answer and tell you how you did at the bottom of the screen. And we'll mark your score next to your answer.

If you get it right, you'll get 3, 2 or 1 points, depending on how risky you are.

But, if you are wrong, we'll take one point away from your score. If you miss, you can try again. But if you miss again, you'll lose another point. (This is the JV edition; but it ain't for sissies!)

After you have given it your best, you can listen to a larger sample of the song so that you can say, "Oh, yeah; of course." And if you have no clue, you can ask for the answer. But once you do either of those, you cannot answer the question; you're done.

Of course, you'll need speakers on your computer to participate. Spelling is important here; but capitalization is not. Our grading program looks for specific key words in your answer. Type carefully!

OK... let's get going:

1. A story about a trouble-maker that makes you want to tap your foot and sing along. (4 words)   
    I can name that tune.... in 2 notes
    I can name that tune.... in 4 notes:  
    I can name that tune.... in 9 notes:  
    Song Title:        
    OK, I give up; what's the title?
    OK, let me hear some more:  

2. 1978: The group wore costumes long after costumes were out of vogue. We laughed at them, but we couldn't get enough of them.    
    I can name that tune.... in 1 beat:  
    I can name that tune.... in 2 beats:  
    I can name that tune.... in 3 beats:  
    Song Title:        
    OK, I give up; what's the title?
    OK, let me hear some more:  

Until you become a member at BBHQ, this is all we can show you.

3. 1973: Part of a duo in the 60s, he made pictures with his words.

4. 1977: A huge hit from Volvo country.

5. 1973: A man; a woman; and a nasty reptile.

6. 1973: A song questioning one's parents' artistic skills... and such. (4 words)

7. 1972: Mick Jagger did the background vocal; but no, it was not about him.

8. 1973: Modesty, from a great band still touring. (4 words)

9. 1977: In this, his 3d big hit, he describes what he does.

10. 1974: The best line is a reference to a Judy Garland movie.

11. 1974: A four-legged animal, swaying gently. (4 words)

12. 1973: The title became an icon representing a new beginning. (4 words)

13. 1974: Three words: like sugar; no place like it; where the Bear reigned.

14. 1975: Do it; in a hurry. (2 words)

15. Truly an American song, by a Canadian group.

16. 1972: You mean your father was Mick Jagger? (5 words)

17. 1970: Your means of transportation to the 70s.

18. 1979: Staying power, at the end of the dicso era.

19. 1974: A 60s singer & a 70s group, with a great, upbeat song.

20. 1972: The last hit for a 50s & 60s singer.

21. 1978: An R&B group, with a notable lead singer; a great love ballad.

22. 1976: One singer we all knew; one we never heard of before; but that had a great foot-stomping hit. (5 words)

23. 1978: Lead song from a 70s movie. He was on his own here, though he made his mark as lead singer of a 70s group.

24. 1979: The ideal casual attire.

25. 1970: A 70s version of the Irish look.

26. 1974: A simple mathematical equation.

27. 1975: A gentle love song with high notes off the scale.

28. 1973: All the women love to do this, especially after dark.

29. 1975: One look, and you know it's fake.

30. 1975: Romantic, wishful thinking, from a military (?) guy on keyboard.

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