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The BBHQ Name Game

"Shirley, Shirley, bo-berly;
bo-nanna-banna, bo-berley;
fe fi mo-merley;

Nope, wrong name game. We're going a different direction here (although we do have the lyrics to Shirley Ellis' version of "The Name Game" in our Music Room).

Listed below on the right are the names of several musical groups from the Boomer Period (identified as A-Z and 0-5). To the left is a list of artists (numbered 1-39). Your task: match each artist with a group. For each artist, enter the letter (or number) identifying the group to which the artist belonged, and press the TAB key; we'll grade each question as you answer it.

As best we can tell, you are not a member at BBHQ. So we can show you only part of our Name Game. BBHQ Bacic members have fill access to all of our quizzes. Annual Basic membership is only $9. Click here to join.

We're going to start out real easy... we think. But we are skipping, for instance, Paul Simon. If you don't know that he is with Simon & Garfunkel, ummmm.... this game is not for you. On the other hand, we don't know any of the members of Kiss; and that doesn't especially bother us. (We do know that Boy George sang with Culture Club; but we wish we didn't.)

Some groups are used more than once; some not at all... maybe.

Press the TAB key after you enter your response to each question.

1. Ringo Starr  
2. John Sebastian  

That's all we can show you. BBHQ members have full access to all 40 questions. Annual Bacis membership is only $9. Click here for information about BBHQ Member Services.

A:     Aerosmith
B:     Beach Boys
C:     Beatles
D:     Blondie
E:     Blood, Sweat & Tears
F:     Bread
G:     CCR
H:     Coasters
I:     Chicago
J:     Commodores
K:     Cream
L:     Dave Clark Five
M:     Eagles
N:     5th Dimension
O:     First Edition
P:     Fleetwood Mac
Q:     Four Seasons
R:     Genesis
S:     Hollies
T:     Kinks
U:     Led Zeppelin
V:     Lovin' Spoonful
W:     Mamas & Papas
X:     Monkees
Y:     Rascals
Z:     Righteous Brothers
1:     Rolling Stones
2:     Stone Ponies
3:     Supremes
4:     Temptations
5:     The Who
0:     None of them

(I know this stuff is fun. But no, you may not copy it and post it on your site, or send it to any other site. This quiz is copyrighted; it is not in the public domain! Please tell your friends about WWW.BBHQ.COM.)

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