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Gift Certificate Order Form

Now you can give a BBHQ Member Services Gift Certificate to your favorite Boomer!

      BBHQ Member Services

Basic Membership - $9:
  • Unlimited access to lyrics to over 750 songs;
  • Search the title and artist of over 4,000 oldies;
  • Search 700 songs for a word or phrase;
  • Unlimited access to the BBHQ Trivia Library;
  • Unlimited access to the BBHQ School Registry;
  • Print the boomer verbal collages (Home Page/60s/70s pages)


Anyone with access to the Internet can use Basic Member services. A BBHQ Membership gift certificate is good for one year.

  • You can purchase a gift certificate for anyone with an e-mail address.
  • You can pay for your gift certificate using a credit card or e-check. (Contact us if you'd rather send us cash or a check.)
  • Your payment will go through, one of the most popular and trusted vendors on the Internet. PayPal is a division of
  • On the date you specify, we will send the recipient an e-mail message greeting them; we will tell them how to activate their membership. They can begin using their membership at BBHQ immediately.
  • We will send you two e-mail messages: one right after we have received your order, and another one when we send the gift certificate message to the recipient.
  • No spam! We never provide information about you or the recipient to anyone. Never! - one of the most trusted vendors on the Internet

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