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The BBHQ Great American Quotations Quiz

We love great quotations! They provide direction; they inspire us; they motivate us. As loyal, patriotic Americans here at BBHQ, we especially love great quotations related to our country, our cultural values, and our government. Collectively, great quotations by patriotic Americans define us, our values, and our character. That's a very good thing. It is an important thing, too.

With that in mind, we present the Baby Boomer HeadQuarters Great American Quotations Quiz.

These quotations come from speeches, documents, poems and literature. They were written by extraordinary Americans (in most cases) offering timeless, inspirational ideas and thoughts. This is great stuff!

We believe that knowing the derivation of and understanding the principles behind these quotations helps make you... a great American.

Our focus here is substantive quotations, not necessarily one-liners. "A penny saved is a penny earned" is wonderful; but we want to reach beyond that. And we'll save the pop-culture quotes ("Go ahead; make my day.") for another time.

The Rules:

The quiz begins on the next page. Answer each question and then submit your quiz to the BBHQ 24/7 scorekeeper. We'll grade your quiz, prepare your report card and provide answers and commentary on each question. We'll also reveal the derivation of each quote and explain why we believe it is important.

Your repord card also includes pictures and audio clips of many of the quotations we believe are so noteworthy.

Keep on your toes. There is a "ringer" here -- one "trick" question.

Unless we indicate otherwise, we want both the first and last name of the person who wrote or who is famous for the quotation. Spelling counts (capitalization does not). Your quiz will be graded by a computer program, not Mrs. Anderson, your forgiving third-grade teacher.

    8-minute limit: Oh; one more thing. This is a contest. Anyone could Google their way to a perfect score. While that would be instructive, it would not be as a much fun. So, no Googling here; you're on a short leash. After you click the "Begin" button (below), a new page will load with the quiz and the basic directions shown above... and a stopwatch. You'll have 8 minutes (480 seconds) to complete the quiz; 31 questions -- about 15 seconds for each question. If you do not click the button to submit your answers within 8 minutes, we'll grab it right out of your hands. No exceptions. So, take a deep breath, and plan your time carefully.

OK; let's go!

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