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BBHQ Frequent Visitor Pages

Have you got a story to tell? Do you have something that might interest your fellow boomers (a recipe, some well-earned advice, or just a funny story)? What lyrics from our music sticks with you to this day? What little-known facts about our music do you know that others might like to read? Are you looking for a place to publish that short story about your first love? Have you got a great pet story? What is the secret to your long, happy marriage? Who most inspired you as a teenager? Have you got some great pictures of yourself wearing those 60's or 70's fashions? Or would you just like to see a part of yourself on the Internet? Scroll down to see how you can become an official BBHQ Frequent Visitor.

BBHQ Frequent Visitors

Garry Hubble: An "Ask the DJ" expert from down under.

Scoty: Another "Ask the DJ" regular.

Anthony: A well-informed music fan who once worked with the Marshal Tucker Band.

Become a BBHQ Frequent Visitor:

As a Frequent Visitor to BBHQ, you can have your own page at BBHQ using our Frequent Visitor Pages (FVP). Here's how it works:

1. Compose your story (or stories; you may include more than one). Yes, spelling, grammar, and punctuation count; we're all grown up now. Include your complete name and e-mail address. We will post your name, but not your e-mail address, unless you would like us to do so.

2. Send it to us here at BBHQ via e-mail: . You may attach one or more graphics (pictures). A recent picture of you and/or your family would be terrific, even if it is not relevant to your story.

3. We'll review it and then post it to our Frequent Visitors Pages at BBHQ. Your page will be accessible to everyone from our Home Page, our Main Menu, and from other links on our site.

4. You may cancel, change or add to your page as often as you want. Just send us another e-mail indicating your changes or additions.

Of course, there are a few pesky, little restrictions:

This is not a personal web site. Your page can be very long, but it must be all one page.

You may not include links to other sites or pages without permission from BBHQ. (We may allow you to include a link to your personal, non-commercial web site.)

Your page must not be used to promote any specific product or service. (See our Rate Card to see how we can help you promote your product or service.)

You may not include any copyrighted material or material copied from another web site (other than your own).

Your page must be in good taste; BBHQ is a family-oriented site. If it would embarrass my mother, it won't make it to our site. The BBHQ FVP are not for the promotion of any religion, race, or political group. These are personal pages, and should not be driven by a political or social agenda. (You may submit an essay with a political or social agenda as a guest column for our weekly essay.)

Yes, we will review, edit, and possibly otherwise censor your page. We reserve the right to edit or reject any material you send to us.

But aside from that... it's your page. And it will be accessible to everyone who comes to BBHQ.

Well... what are you waiting for? Start writing!

We also have other outlets for your creative talents here at BBHQ:

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The BBHQ Peanut Gallery
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My Brush with Greatness

The BBHQ Feature Album is "Old Friends Live on Stage (Deluxe Edition) (2 CD/1 DVD)," by Simon & Garfunkel. If you were fortunate enough to see them in concert in 2003, I do not have to sell you. The concert was terrific! This album collection includes 55 songs, plus their new recording, "Citizen of the Planet," and one of the songs sung by the Everly Brothers during the concert. The DVD was recorded during their concert in Madison Square Garden in 2003. For any S&G fan, this is a must have! But then, you knew that already, didn't you?  Old Friends Live on Stage (Deluxe Edition) (2 CD/1 DVD)

The BBHQ Feature Book is “Bobby Rydell – Teen Idol on the Rocks.” This is a “behind the scenes” story of one of the boomers’ first rock n’ roll stars. Told in the first person, Bobby chronicles his short ride to the pinnacle of fame and fortune, his glide through the 70s and 80s, and how he nearly lost it all. Relax; it has a happy ending. Bobby was (and is) a “normal” Philly guy... with an absolute love of music and an amazing gift. For any fan of early rock n’ roll, it’s a wonderful story. And yes, Bobby Rydell is still on tour, playing to boomer fans all over the world. Click here for a closer look at the book.

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