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Famous Boomers

We get a lot of requests asking for the names of famous baby boomers (in this case, people born between 1946 and 1964, inclusive). We’re a little hesitant to post a listing. Frankly, some of our more famous peers embarrass us. But here it is, nonetheless, in roughly alphabetical order, including date of birth.

These are some of the notable — both the famous and infamous. If it were up to us, John Hinckley, for instance, would be banned from the boomer generation. But... there he is. And yes, some on our list have already checked out.

And no, the list does not include the Fonz. Henry Winkler was born a year too early.

Our list does not include millions of boomers who are entrepreneurs creating jobs for everyone, dedicated teachers who are shaping the next generation, scientists and researchers who are making our lives better... and so on. But, here are some of the notable boomers. We surely are a diverse bunch!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 04/16/47   Barbara Hershey02/05/48
King of Jordan Abdullah II 01/30/62   John Hinckley 05/29/55
Jason Alexander 09/23/59   Mike Holmgren 06/15/48
Dana Allman10/17/64   Bruce Hornsby11/23/54
Gregg Allman 12/08/47   Whitney Houston08/09/63
Peter Allman 08/30/47   Ron Howard03/01/54
Richard Dean Anderson 01/23/50   Anjelica Huston07/08/51
Prince Andrew02/19/60   James Ingram 02/16/52
Princess Anne08/15/50   Jeremy Irons 09/19/48
Desi Arnaz Jr.01/19/53   Amy Irving09/10/53
Lucie Arnaz07/17/51   Michael Jackson08/28/58
Rosanna Arquette08/10/59   Bruce Jenner 10/28/49
Tracy Austin12/12/62   Steve Jobs (Apple)02/24/55
Kathy Bates06/28/48   Billy Joel05/09/49
Meredith Baxter06/21/47   Elton John03/25/47
Glenn Beck02/10/64   Don Johnson 12/15/49
John Belushi 01/23/49   Tommy Lee Jones09/15/46
David Berkowitz 06/01/53   Michael Jordan02/17/63
Corbin Bernsen09/07/54   Naomi Judd01/11/46
Jeff Bezos ( 01/12/64   Wynonna Judd05/30/64
Clint Black02/04/62   John Kasich05/13/52
Linda Blair01/22/59   Gary Kasparov04/13/63
Tony Blair 05/06/53   Diane Keaton01/05/46
Jon Bon Jovi 03/02/62   Julie Kavner09/07/50
Bono (U2) 05/10/60   J. Patrick Kennedy II09/24/52
Deborah Boone09/22/56   Ted Kennedy Jr.09/26/61
Bjorn Borg06/06/56   Chaka Khan03/23/53
Timothy Bottoms 08/30/51   Stephen King09/21/47
David Bowie 01/08/47   Kevin Kline10/24/47
Bruce Boxleitner05/12/50   K.D. Lang11/02/61
Richard Branson 07/18/50   Jessica Lange04/20/49
Arthur Bremer08/21/50   Matt Lauer (NBC)12/30/57
Jeff Bridges 12/04/49   Vicki Lawrence03/26/49
Albert Brooks 07/22/47   Julian Lennon04/08/63
Garth Brooks 02/07/62   Annie Lennox12/25/54
Jimmy Buffett 12/25/46   Jay Leno04/28/50
Ted Bundy11/24/46   Sugar Ray Leonard05/17/56
George Bush07/06/46   David Letterman04/12/47
Jeb Bush 02/11/53   Carl Lewis07/01/61
Laura Bush11/04/46   Rush Limbaugh01/12/51
Nicolas Cage 01/07/64   Heather Locklear09/25/61
Drew Carey05/23/58   Kenny Loggins01/07/48
Princess Caroline 01/23/57   Howie Long01/06/60
Karen Carpenter 03/02/50   Shelley Long08/23/49
Mary Chapin Carpenter 02/21/58   Courtney Love07/09/64
Richard Carpenter10/15/46   Linda Lovelace01/10/49
Ben Carson09/18/51   Lorna Luft11/21/52
Steve Case (AOL) 08/21/58   David Lynch01/20/46
David Cassidy04/12/50   Madonna08/18/58
Patrick Cassidy 01/04/62   Bill Maher01/20/56
Shaun Cassidy09/27/58   Barbara Mandrell12/25/48
Mark David Chapman 05/10/55   Louise Mandrell07/13/54
Prince Charles 11/14/48   Marla Maples10/27/63
Deepak Chopra 10/22/46   Robert Mapplethorpe11/04/46
Henry G. Cisneros 06/11/47   Cheech Marin07/13/46
Marcia Clark 08/31/53   Tim Matheson12/31/47
Bill Clinton 08/19/46   John McEnroe02/16/59
Hillary Clinton 10/26/47   Bobby McFerrin03/11/50
Glenn Close 03/19/47   Maureen McGovern07/27/49
Natalie Cole 02/06/50   Hayley Mills04/18/46
Jimmy Connors 09/02/52   Eddie Money03/21/49
Alice Cooper 02/04/48   Demi Moore11/11/62
David Copperfield 09/16/56   Michael Moore04/23/54
Kevin Costner 01/18/55   Laraine Newman03/02/52
Katie Couric 01/07/57   Olivia Newton-John09/26/48
Eddie Murphy 04/03/61   Stevie Nicks05/26/48
Patricia Nixon Cox 02/21/46   Brigitte Nielsen07/15/63
Tom Cruise 07/03/62   Peggy Noonan (writer)09/07/50
Billy Crystal 03/14/48   Peter Noone11/05/47
Larry Csonka 12/25/46   Conan O’Brien04/18/63
Randall Cunningham 03/27/63   Jennifer O’Neill02/20/48
Jamie Lee Curtis 11/22/58   Bill O’Reilly09/10/49
Joan Cusack 10/11/62   Barack Obama08/04/61
Billy Ray Cyrus 08/25/61   Donny Osmond12/09/57
Willem Dafoe 07/22/55   Marie Osmond10/13/59
Jeffrey Dahmer 05/21/60   Camille Paglia04/02/47
Ted Danson 12/29/47   Sam Palmisano (IBM)07/29/51
Geena Davis 01/21/56   Dolly Parton01/19/46
Patti Davis 10/21/52   Sean Penn08/17/60
Johnny Depp 06/09/63   Bernadette Peters02/28/48
Bo Derek 11/20/56   MacKenzie Phillips11/10/59
Susan Dey 12/10/52   Dan Quayle02/04/47
Princess Diana 07/01/61   Bonnie Raitt11/08/49
Chip Davis (Mannheim Steamroller)11/15/47   John Ratzenberger04/06/47
Tony Dorsett04/07/54   Ronald P. Reagan05/20/58
Maureen Dowd (NYT)01/14/52   Christopher Reeve09/25/52
Richard Dreyfuss10/29/47   Rob Reiner03/06/47
David Ernest Duke 07/01/50   Donna Rice01/07/58
Patty Duke12/14/46   Frank Rich (NYT)06/02/49
Sandy Duncan02/20/46   Sally Ride05/26/51
Prince Edward03/10/64   Cathy Rigby12/12/52
Dale Ernhardt04/29/51   John Ritter09/17/48
“Dr. J.” Julius Erving02/22/50   Dennis Rodman05/13/61
Boomer Esiason 04/17/61   Linda Ronstadt07/15/46
Susan Estrich 12/16/52   Roseanne11/03/52
Melissa Etheridge05/29/61   Kurt Russell03/17/51
Chris Evert 12/21/54   Nolan Ryan01/31/47
Fabio03/15/59   Duchess of York, Sarah10/15/59
Morgan Fairchild 02/03/50   Mike Schmidt09/27/49
Nick Faldo 07/18/57   Arnold Schwarzenegger07/30/47
Farrah Fawcett 02/02/47   Jerry Seinfeld04/29/55
Kenneth Feld10/31/48   Paul Shaffer11/28/49
Lou Ferrigno11/09/51   Al Sharpton10/03/54
Sally Field11/06/46   Cybill Shepherd02/18/50
Carrie Fisher10/21/56   Maria Shriver11/06/55
Peggy Fleming07/27/48   Gene Simmons08/25/49
Gennifer Flowers01/24/50   O.J. Simpson07/09/47
Doug Flutie10/23/62   Suzanne Somers10/16/46
Jack Ford03/16/52   Sissy Spacek12/25/49
William Clay Ford05/03/57   Steven Spielberg12/18/46
George Foreman01/10/49   Mark Spitz02/10/50
Jodie Foster11/19/62   Bruce Springsteen09/23/49
Peter Frampton04/22/50   Susan St. James08/14/46
Al Franken05/21/51   Sylvester Stallone07/06/46
Thomas Friedman (NYT)07/20/53   Kenneth Starr07/21/46
Squeaky Fromme (convict)10/22/48   George Stephanopoulos02/10/61
Peter Gabriel02/13/50   Cat Stevens07/21/48
Bill Gates10/28/55   Oliver Stone09/15/46
Crystal Gayle01/09/51   Meryl Streep06/22/49
Phyllis George06/25/49   Peter Sutcliffe06/02/46
Andy Gibb03/05/58   Patrick Swayze08/18/52
Barry Gibb09/01/46   James Taylor03/12/48
Maurice Gibb12/22/49   Alan Thicke03/01/47
Mel Gibson01/03/56   Betty Thomas07/27/47
Kathie Lee Gifford08/16/53   Clarence Thomas 06/23/48
Whoopi Goldberg11/13/55   Richard Thomas 06/13/51
Al Gore03/31/48   Cheryl Tiegs09/25/47
Amy Grant11/25/60   Randy Travis05/04/59
Joe Greene09/25/46   John Travolta02/18/54
Wayne Gretzky01/26/61   Donald Trump11/14/46
Melanie Griffith08/09/57   Tanya Tucker10/10/58
Jon Gruden08/17/63   Robert Urich 12/19/46
Arlo Guthrie07/10/47   Jean-Claude Van Damme10/18/60
Marvin Hagler05/23/54   Eddie Van Halen 01/26/55
Jessica Hahn07/07/59   Gianni Versace 12/02/46
Arsenio Hall02/12/56   Lindsay Wagner 06/22/49
Deidre Hall10/31/47   Elizabeth Warren06/22/49
Dorothy Hamill07/26/56   Denzel Washington Jr.12/28/54
Mark Hamill09/25/51   Vanna White 02/18/57
Scott Hamilton08/28/58   Brian Williams (NBC) 05/05/59
Harry Hamlin10/30/51   Cindy Williams 08/22/47
Tom Hanks07/09/56   Vanessa Williams 03/18/63
Daryl Hannah12/03/60   Bruce Willis 03/19/55
Sean Hannity12/30/61   Carl Wilson 12/21/46
Emmylou Harris04/02/47   Oprah Winfrey01/29/54
Gregory Harrison05/31/50   Debra Winger 05/16/55
Phil Hartman09/24/48   Stevie Wonder05/13/50
Patty Hearst02/20/54   James Woods 04/18/47
Christie Hefner11/08/52   Weird Al Yankovic10/23/59
Eric Heiden06/14/58   Dwight Yoakam10/23/56
Mark Helprin (writer)06/28/47   Jerry Zucker 03/11/50
Margaux Hemingway02/16/55    
Don Henley07/22/47    


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