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Frequently Asked Questions
about BBHQ

1. How do I change my address for the BBHQ newsletter? How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to the Newsletter?

You can do so on our E-mail Contact page. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to our Newsletter on many pages (including this one) that contain our newsletter subscription form (upper left corner of the page).

2. What’s with the Newsletter?

Our Newsletter is our way of reminding you about what’s up and what’s new at BBHQ. As a subscriber, every Monday morning, we’ll send you:

Our Joke of the Week — 60 seconds of good, clean fun;
The BBHQ Trivia Contest, with real, live prizes;
The BBHQ Trivia Teaser – 3 quickie boomer trivia questions;
An inspirational or provacative quotation;
        (mouseover here for samples)
A tip from our Brush Up Your Webster series;
The BBHQ Monday Morning Upper – a special treat to perk you up;
An excerpt from and link to Hershel’s latest essay;
News and samples of the newest features at BBHQ;
Links to featured pages at BBHQ, some that are not available
        to non-subscribers.

Every Monday; no charge; no spam; no kidding.

(It’s the little, red box, near the top, left side, of this page.

Though you can view the newsletter at BBHQ, many features in the newsletter do not appear anywhere else at BBHQ... or anywhere else, at all, for that matter. It’s just 60 seconds of good clean fun in your mailbox every Monday.

We just want you as a regular, that’s all.

3. How can I participate at BBHQ?

  • Become a member of BBHQ. Click here for more information. BBHQ members have access to many popular features not available to “newbies” Membership at BBHQ is only $9 per year
  • Subscribe to our weekly Newsletter (above) It’s free!

Aside from that, the best thing you can do is mark BBHQ as one of your favorite places on your browser. Stop by often; we’re always open.

4. BBHQ Member Services: What’s the deal?

There are so many things we would like to do with our site. But we cannot do so on good intentions only. That is why we introduced BBHQ Member Services. We charge an annual membership fee for some premium features at BBHQ. You can become a member at BBHQ for $9 a year.

Members receive a voucher for a free BBHQ Time Capsule report delivered via e-mail. Members are also eligible to complete in the periodic, special BBHQ Trivia Contest. The winner picks a prize from our Treasure Chest.

Members have unlimited access to all of our essays, our Lyrics Section (lyrics to over 750 boomer songs) and our Oldies Vault (title and artist of nearly 4,000 songs). Members can search by artist and song title, or perform a word search of our entire lyrics collection. Click here for more information.

BBHQ uses PayPal ( to process your membership fee. You may use a credit card or e-check at PayPal. (Write to us for information about paying by cash or regular bank check.) PayPal is an extremely popular, respected and reliable vendor. Your credit card information passes through an enctypted, secure server. BBHQ never has access to your credit card data. (And what a relief that is, huh?)

5. What’s with the “cookie” thing?

Internet browsers allow web side designers to store files, called cookies, on your computer. These cookies are harmless, small files that allow the web site designer to store specific data about you and your interation on the web site on your computer. This allows the web site designer to customize the way the web site looks or performs when you access it.

You can customize how and if cookie files are stored on your computer. The privacy settings on your browser allow you to accept or deny all cookies from every web site, or to accept cookies only from web sites you specify, or to ask for your permission each time a web page attempts to store cookies on your computer.

Many web site attempt to identify and store data demogrpahic data about you (data that you and entered on the web site) in cookie files in an attempt to customize advertising that appears on the web site. Cookies can be a nuisance.

We do not use cookies for any advertising purposes at BBHQ. We use cookies primarily to identify you as a member at BBHQ or a subscriber to our newsletter. In order to avoid logging in every time you access BBHQ, you should set your Internet browser software to always accept cookies from BBHQ.

If you are a member at BBHQ and you have configured your Internet browser privacy settings to automatically deletes cookies every time you leave a web site or close your Internet browser, you will have to log in every time you access BBHQ so that we can recognize you as a member and allow you to access member-only features at BBHQ.

6. Is BBHQ a “safe” place for kids?

Absolutely! BBHQ is all G-rated. Some of our younger visitors do not appreciate our sense of humor (that’s OK). But the feedback we get indicates that kids love hearing about how things were in the 50s, 60s & 70s.

7. Do you change the content of Baby Boomer Qualifying Exams?

Almost never. But we frequently add to our Trivia Library, and we always have another quiz in the works. We add new material to BBHQ every week.

8. What computer hardware and software do I need for BBHQ.

Any PC or MAC that will get you to the Internet should be adequate for most features. (Blackberries and other Internet devices may limit what you can do and/or see at BBHQ.) You should be using a recent version of Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Pale Moon.

Most pages at BBHQ should work on most tablets and smartphones.

Pop-Up Windows: BBHQ does not use pop-up windows for advertising purposes. Never have; never will. However, we do use pop-up windows on many pages to display content which supplements material on an existing page. We recommend that you disable pop-up window blocking software while you are at BBHQ.

9. Why do the pages at BBHQ sometimes come up with garbled text on them?

That is due to a sporadic transmission problem; it just goes with the territory. Click the reload (or refresh) button on your browser when this happens.

10. How long did it take you to do all this stuff?

BBHQ has been 40 years in the making. “It don’t come easy.” We wrote the foundation of BBHQ, the Baby Boomer Qualifying Exams, over a period of 3-4 months in 1995. Specific design for BBHQ was a part-time project in the spring of 1997. Actual development of the original site took about 3 weeks (June, 1997). BBHQ went online in July, 1997. We have changed and added to the site nearly every week since then. We have spent thousands of hours working on our site. BBHQ is like Disney World; it will never be finished.

11. Can I get a job at BHBQ?

Sure, but nobody at BBHQ gets paid for what we do. Nobody. (That ought to cut down on the applications.)
12. Why doesn’t anybody get paid?

About the same time we went live, a site called Third Age opened up on the Internet. They are much bigger than we are, and they get zillions of visitors. We get about 5% of what they do. But they started with about a million dollars in startup money. We began with $26.85. That ought to explain it. Currently we do not generate enough revenue to pay anybody.

13. Why don’t you have local news anymore?

We never had local news. Many people confuse us with radio stations that have a link to BBHQ on their site. We are not a radio station; we have no association with any radio station.

14. Do you read the Insta-comments and e-mail sent to you?

If you include your e-mail address, yes. If your comment warrants a response, we will reply... a real, human reply, not an automated reply.
15. Do you send junk mail or sell my e-mail address?

No, no, and no! As we say in our Privacy Statement, we will never make the specific information you provide to BBHQ available to anyone. Never have; never will. Period.

16. How can I learn more about the Internet, cookies, Java, and all that stuff?

Our Internet Primer is a great place to start.

17. Did you write all this stuff?

Every bit of it (mostly). Our primary author is Boomer-in-Charge, Hershel Chicowitz. He writes (and we hold the copyright on) nearly all of the essays at BBHQ. We wrote and hold a copyright to the Baby Boomer Qualifying Exams and our Trivia Library. You may see them on other sites or e-mailed to you. That is always done without our permission.

We write everything you see at BBHQ, with the following exceptions: lyrics to songs; the Joke of the Week; the quotations in our Insta-Quote collection; contributions made by and identified as entries by visitors to BBHQ on our bulletin boards; a few of the essays in our Archive clearly attributed to other people.

If you are writing a paper for school (or other educational purpose), you may extract and attribute short quotes from our essays to “Hershel M. Chicowitz, Baby Boomer HeadQuarters, WWW.BBHQ.COM.” Hershel has a B.S. degree in Computer Systems from the American University in Washington, D.C. and an M.S. degree in Management from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. He taught at the University of South Florida and for private, professional organizations for over 25 years. Today, Hershel does most of his teaching at BBHQ.

If you want more information on Hershel’s background and experience... just ask. You can learn more about the folks at BBHQ on our Boomer Crew page.

18. Are you part of or some other company?

No. We are an affiliate of; that is, we get a tiny commission when you use our link to buy stuff from them. But they have no financial interest in us and no control over our content. We are not part of any company... except ourselves.

19. What can I do to help BBHQ?

      1. Become a member at BBHQ. Click here for more information.
      2. Shop at our Merchandise Mart, which features Pictures, Posters & Autographs, - great boomer memorabilia.
      3. Use our link to buy stuff from
      4. Tell your friends about BBHQ.
      5. Use BBHQ to help plan and coordinate your reunion.
      6. Advertise your product or service on BBHQ, or recommend us to an organization that is trying to reach baby boomers. (See # 26, below.)

20. Can I distribute your exams or post them on my web site?

Generally, no. You may not post any part of BBHQ on your site. You may put a link to BBHQ on your site. Occasionally we may give permission to reprint one of our exams or essays for a private organization or function. But you must receive our written permission prior to doing so. We will never permit an Internet site to post any of our exams or trivia quizzes on their site. You may not send copies of our exams or trivia quizzes across the Internet via e-mail. (Those have a way of multiplying like wild rabbits.) Instead, please send your friends to WWW.BBHQ.COM.

21. But I saw one of your exams on another site. How’d that happen?

Nothing complicated about that: they stole it from us; outright theft. Please let us know if you see any of our material on another site. We want to know; we will take an aggressive stand against the site owner.

22. OK, how to I put a link to BBHQ on my site?

You can use this HTML code on one of your pages to put a link to BBHQ:
<a href="">Baby Boomer HeadQuarters</a>

Your link will look like this: Baby Boomer HeadQuarters

If you want to use a graphic as part of the link, use this code:

<a href=""><img src="yourfolder/bbhqlink.gif"
    border=0 alt=" Baby Boomer HeadQuarters "></a>
In this case, the graphic image would be a file called “bbhqlink.gif” – the resulting link would look like this:

 Baby Boomer HeadQuarters

You may copy the image above to use as part of the link.

23. Can I post something at BBHQ?

Sure! We strongly encourage your participation on several of our bulletin boards and numerous other places at BBHQ. Our Frequent Visitors section allows you to have your own page at BBHQ. We will gladly consider your contribution as a guest writer for our weekly essay.
24. Should I tell you if I find a typo, broken link, or other error at BBHQ?

Absolutely! We’re not perfect, but we’re trying hard. No typo or other error is ever acceptable at BBHQ.
25. Can you recommend other Internet sites that have information on [fill in the topic of your choice here]?

Most likely... no. If you are looking for music, sheet music, or guitar chords, please use our link to Or, you might try or But other than that, we come up empty. We spend most of our time at BBHQ, and don’t know much about the rest of the Internet.
26. Can I advertise my product or service at BBHQ?

Of course. We are very loyal to our advertisers! Our Rate Card Page offers suggestions about how you can advertise at BBHQ.

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